Mothering like my mother

The other day I caught myself punishing my son the way my mother punished me, the way I swore I would never punish my kids. It’s crazy I’m turning into my mother, in fact this whole week I just keep saying and doing things her way😣. It’s so scary how we try not turn into […]

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Memories of the mystery man..

He made sweet love to me I know that I could mastrubate to these memories. His touch so gentle, he knew his way around my curves…oooh it’s like he had been here before. My body shaking like I was cold,as my clothes fell to the floor it felt like we were putting on a show, […]

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Starting my blog

Well, I have written and unwritten this for years now. Finally reaching age 29 has been my breaking point for jumping in the deep end, I am no longer really concerned about people’s approval. I’m tired of sitting on the fence where my life is concerned, I can’t say I am the best writer in […]

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