Baby bottom face

Ladies and gentlemen listen up feedback on diy honey and lemon face masks they are truly nature’s gift to us (and it’s not expensive at all its household goods you have laying around anyway) . Do them I promise you won’t regret it, okay I won’t lie I don’t usually have many skin issues but […]

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Cracks in my wall off life

I stopped blogging because I didn’t want to write about certain things and situations because I may end up offending people, hurting people and even surpr ising people. Then I realised I always tend to put other people before me and that has to come to a stop. My blog is my corner to express […]

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Mothering like my mother

The other day I caught myself punishing my son the way my mother punished me, the way I swore I would never punish my kids. It’s crazy I’m turning into my mother, in fact this whole week I just keep saying and doing things her way😣. It’s so scary how we try not turn into […]

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Memories of the mystery man..

He made sweet love to me I know that I could mastrubate to these memories. His touch so gentle, he knew his way around my curves…oooh it’s like he had been here before. My body shaking like I was cold,as my clothes fell to the floor it felt like we were putting on a show, […]

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Starting my blog

Well, I have written and unwritten this for years now. Finally reaching age 29 has been my breaking point for jumping in the deep end, I am no longer really concerned about people’s approval. I’m tired of sitting on the fence where my life is concerned, I can’t say I am the best writer in […]

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